Salon Owners Insurance in Massachusetts

You’ve worked hard to build your Salon business from the ground up. Don’t let unforeseen circumstances like fire, theft or personal damage rob you of your investment of time and capital. Even a bad hair-cut can result in costly judgments or settlements. At Child-Genovese Insurance Agency Inc., we create custom packages of salon owners insurance in Massachusetts with essential business protections as well as components that address risk specific to the esthetician industry. Through our decades of experience, our professionals are also able to offer valuable insight into avoiding costly events before they occur to our clients in Hingham, Scituate, Greater Boston and throughout the state.

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Salon Owners Insurance Massachusetts
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Like all businesses, your salon is susceptible to instances of personal injury. It is not uncommon for customers to slip on unswept or wet floors. In such an event you could be held responsible for their medical bills, lost wages and other costs. As such, we recommend expanding the liability component of your package of salon owners insurance in Massachusetts as much as you can reasonably afford. If your beauticians are independent contractors, we recommend that you require them to hold their own general liability policy – so you won’t be left with the financial burden of their mistake.

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You’ll also want to invest in robust property coverage. Even if the building you operate in is not your own, you’ll can still find coverage for your valuable equipment, furnishings, technology and more should a fire or other destructive event occur at your place of business. We can even equip your package of salon owners insurance with business interruption insurance should a coverable event prevent you from generating revenue.

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The quality of a business is often defined its human resources. Though not commonly thought of as a dangerous trade, estheticians face the risk of burn, chemical poisoning, lacerations and more. If your employees become sick or injured on the job, you can be held liable to pay their lost wages, medical expenses and more. Protect your workforce by including strong worker’s compensation coverage as part of your salon owners insurance in Massachusetts.

The aforementioned coverages are just some aspects to consider when shopping for salon owners insurance in Massachusetts. Call 781.749.7566 or email to get started building the right package of protection for your unique risk profile and budget with one of our experts at Child-Genovese Insurance Agency Inc.

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