Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts

While it requires a host of favorable circumstances to create and run a successful restaurant, it often takes just one unfortunate event to halt its operation. At Child-Genovese Insurance Agency Inc., we have expansive experience addressing the diverse liability exposures facing food service proprietors. From coverages standard to all businesses like commercial property, workman’s compensation and vehicle to hospitality industry specific coverages like liquor liability and contamination protection – our professionals can craft a package of restaurant insurance in Massachusetts that fits your unique risk exposure and budget.

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Restaurant Insurance Massachusetts
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Restaurant insurance allows you to protect your means of making a living. At Child and Genovese Insurance Agency Inc., we can equip your package with specialty components that compensate you for vehicle rentals when your delivery car is involved in an accident and equipment breakdown coverage to pay for repairs of essential appliances. This allows you to continue business as usual. We can even provide loss of business protection for when a covered event halts the profitability of your operation. We help restaurant owners in Hingham, Scituate, Duxbury as well as throughout Greater Boston and the State land on their feet after gaps in business continuity with the right packages of restaurant insurance in Massachusetts.

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Some aspects of restaurant insurance in Massachusetts are mandatory. For example, a minimum level of liquor liability insurance is required in order to obtain a license to serve alcohol in the Commonwealth. While social drinking is the lifeblood of many fine eating establishments, overconsumption of alcohol poses a slew of legal issues. For this reason, we strongly recommend elevating this level of coverage. Overserved patrons often become involved in incidents of drunk driving, physical violence, sexual assault, tripping accidents and even alcohol poisoning. In all of these cases, your business could be held responsible for bodily and property damage occurred. At Child-Genovese Insurance Agency Inc., in addition to building you robust package of restaurant insurance in Massachusetts with airtight alcohol liability coverage, we provide insight into how to avoid issues in the first place. Our most common recommendation is to extend employee training with widely recognized programs like ServSafe.

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Too often components perceived to be secondary are ignored by restaurateurs – until they get hit with costly judgments against their business. Did you know you could be held liable for slander, libel, plagiarism and more in connection with your marketing efforts? For example, if you make false statements about your competition that results in loss of business, you could be held responsible. Advertising injury protection can be included as part of your restaurant insurance in Massachusetts to shield you from the aforementioned circumstances.

Make protecting yourself from undesirable events part of your business plan. Invest in a comprehensive package of restaurant insurance in Massachusetts. At Child-Genovese Insurance Agency Inc., our expert professionals can work with you to identify and address your risk factors with practical solutions. Call 781.749.7566 or email us at to explore your options.

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