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Nearly half of Weymouth residents choose to rent the home, apartment, condo or other dwelling they live in opposed to owning it. By renting, you can enjoy freedom to move, limited responsibility for repairs and you don’t have to pay property tax. Additionally, renters’ insurance is often a fraction of the price of homeowners’ insurance. However, basing your purchase of renters’ insurance on price alone could end up costing you more in the long run. Too often, individuals and families discover their coverage is lacking only after a burst pipe, fire, break-in or other unfortunate event occurs. At Child-Genovese Insurance, we help locals and residents throughout the region protect their possessions and limit liability with custom renters’ insurance in Weymouth tailored to their specific risk profile and budget.

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Feedback we’ve received from our satisfied clients is a testament to the quality of the renters’ insurance in Weymouth we provide at Child-Genovese Insurance. Jon Ireland explains in his Google review why he chooses our team, “I have worked with Pat for many years and she is a big reason for staying with Child-Genovese for so long. The service is awesome and even when I shopped around for prices, theirs are still competitive.”

The staff at Calvert’s Convertibles expand on our personalized approach in their Google review, “Bill and Susan are the best! They take the time to get to know you and your specific needs. They deserve your consideration!”

Most leases in Massachusetts dictate that you have some form of renter’s insurance. It is advisable to secure a policy that goes beyond these minimal standards in order to fully protect your family and belongings from unpredictable circumstances. Our insurance experts can build you a robust package of renters’ insurance in Weymouth with protections for personal property, liability and additional living expenses. Personal property coverage provides reimbursement for belongings damaged in a coverable event. As our client, we’ll help you make sure your most important items like musical instruments, fine art, silver flatware, flat-screen televisions and more are protected. You can even choose to enhance protection to cover full replacement cost of such items – instead of their depreciated value. Liability coverage allows for peace of mind when you to have guests and hired help over. If they become injured, this protection will help with their medical bills and more. Additional living expenses coverage can even cover the costs of hotels, meals out and more should your living space become inhabitable.

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