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Like other suburban Metro-Boston towns, driving in Norwell involves a diverse set of road and weather conditions. It is not uncommon for residents to travel town, highway and secondary roads in a single trip. Seasonal factors like slippery winter weather and elevated traffic in the summer keep each day’s commute unique. These infamous conditions are notorious for resulting in everything from fender-benders to total wrecks. In order to protect yourself from these risks you need a strong Norwell car insurance package. While national giants try to apply a one-size-fits-all solution, at Child-Genovese Insurance Agency Inc., our team works with you to tailor coverages that fit your specific risk profile and budget.

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Norwell Car Insurance
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In Massachusetts, all drivers are required to have a minimum level of coverage to operate their vehicle. Every legal car on the road has some form of bodily injury personal injury, uninsured/underinsured motorist and property damage protection. While a bare bones package might save you a few dollars month to month, you’ll pay dearly if you’re involved in an accident. Too often, residents find out their Norwell car insurance is substandard only once it’s too late. For example, if you were to lose control of your car and hit a commercial building, you would be liable for all the damage to the store front, loss of business and more. A minimum level car insurance package would only cover $5,000, leaving you with tens of thousands to pay out of your own pocket. At Child-Genovese Insurance Agency Inc., we can help you be prepared for circumstances like this before crisis strikes.

One of the primary reasons to obtain Norwell car insurance is to protect your vehicle. If you’re in an at-fault accident, you won’t find any relief from a plan that’s at the state’s minimum level of protection. That is because collision coverage is not legally required in Massachusetts. Though not compulsory, we highly recommend securing this essential component. In doing so, you’ll avoid the inconvenience and financial burden of finding a buying vehicle if you lose your existing one to an uncovered accident. We can even add features like rental car coverage for such events – so you can go on with your life in the meantime.

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Another desirable component of Norwell car insurance is comprehensive coverage. Residents with new and high value vehicles often choose this protection to cover damage from non-driving accidents. Destruction caused by natural disasters, vandalism, theft and fire fall under this designation. With comprehensive coverage, your car will be protected from other vehicles on the road and everything else.

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