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You researched every aspect of your property and the surrounding community before choosing to buy a home in Norwell, Massachusetts. Similar consideration should be taken when purchasing homeowners insurance. The right insurance can make the difference between temporary inconvenience and tragedy when crisis like fire, lightning, theft and injury occur. At Child-Genovese Insurance, we’ve earned a reputation among locals as the first choice for homeowners insurance in Norwell and throughout the region for our robust protection, custom packages, affordable rates and unmatched customer service. Our experienced local agents work with you to create coverage that reflects your unique risks and budget.

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Get peace of mind with homeowners insurance in Norwell.
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Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our continuously growing collection of positive feedback. Cait M. describes what makes us the best provider of homeowners insurance in Norwell and beyond in her Google review, “Rachel was fantastic!! I can't even begin to say how helpful she was in getting me the best possible rate. This is the best insurance company. I highly recommend!”

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Jon I. expands on this sentiment in his Google review, “I have worked with Pat for many years and she is a big reason for staying with Child-Genovese for so long. The service is awesome and even when I shopped around for prices, theirs are still competitive.”

Don’t get homeowners insurance in Norwell from just any agency. Choose our team at Child-Genovese Insurance and get peace of mind that knowing your investment is safe from the ravishes of weather, crime, accidents and more. Our agents will pair you with the exact protections you need to make your house a home. With over a century of experience serving our community, we understand exactly what kinds of risks homeowners in Norwell face and the most effective ways to address them while providing exceptional value. We’ll explore every opportunity to reduce your premiums such as bundling auto and homeowners insurance as well as factoring in disaster resistant construction and home security measures.

Ask us how you can save even more when you combine your homeowners or renters insurance with your auto insurance!

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"Our most important goal is to serve our clients and to make sure that their coverage protects them to the fullest extent at their time of need."
- William Genovese, President