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You may have chosen to live in a condominium complex or other shared community for the wide range of services included in your monthly fees. These funds typically help to provide snow removal, trash collection, water and minimal insurance coverage. Your existing condo association insurance most likely covers exterior walls, entryways, foyers, stairwells and other aspects of the building you live in. However, if your personal belongings were to become damaged, a guest were become injured or you had to temporarily relocate due to inhabitability, you would be left to reconcile associated expenses yourself. Fortunately, condo insurance in Hingham is available to address these risks and more. Locals and residents throughout the region trust our team at Child-Genovese Insurance to protect them from unforeseen circumstances.

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Five-star reviews from satisfied customers illuminate what makes Child-Genovese Insurance the first choice for condo insurance in Hingham and beyond. Jon Ireland detailsth the individualized attention we provide in his Google review, “I have worked with Pat for many years and she is a big reason for staying with Child-Genovese for so long. The service is awesome and even when I shopped around for prices, theirs are still competitive.”

The staff at Calvert’s Convertibles expand on our personalized approach in their Google review, “Bill and Susan are the best! They take the time to get to know you and your specific needs. They deserve your consideration!”

Though condo insurance is not legally mandatory in Massachusetts, most associations require some form. Even if your association doesn’t require condo insurance, it is highly advisable to protect your belongings and financial wellbeing by securing such protection. At Child-Genovese Insurance, we’ll craft a custom package of condo insurance in Hingham that meets your unique risk profile and budget. We’ll help you adjust your personal property coverage so you can find reimbursement should your belongings be compromised in a coverable event. We can even upgrade this coverage so that you receive the full replacement cost of these items instead of their depreciated value. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing guests and hired help can find reimbursement for medical bills if they become injured while at your condo. Loss of use protection is available to cover hotels, meals out and more should your condo become uninhabitable as well.

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